Built on the passion and generosity of an open-armed and ever-growing community, we here at Woodfordia Inc have always tried to define our work by whom we could embrace. Each year and all throughout the year, the 500-acre block of land just outside the township of Woodford sees an array of folk gather together in the spirit of mirth, merrymaking and play. Some join us at the office each day, brainstorming and nutting out the next event; others join us monthly for working bees and tending to the land; some join us for weekends dedicated to honing crafts, learning new skills and sharing ideas; and others join us at the close of each year, ringing in the next with a six-day festival that celebrates life in all its glory. It is thanks to all those that give their time and toil – the organisers, our committee and staff, artists and presenters, the volunteers, the merchants, the cooks, the sponsors and contractors – that our festivals continue to flourish. Bring your sculpting tools and join us. Let us Imagine a Beautiful Future, together. 

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