We are all only young once and every child deserves, wants and needs a best friend even if sometimes that friend is furry and barks to say hello.

Let’s fill their bright minds, hearts and imaginations with understanding and unconditional love by empowering our children to discover clever ways to communicate in ‘canine’. Interpreting the furry best friend’s canine language enhances a bond which will shape both child and puppy for the rest of their lives. It creates an unforgettable friendship that transcends all friendships.

Puppy’s First Night, Featuring Sparkle De Barkle and her Favourite Furry Friends is the first in a series of informational guide books written and illustrated to assist your child to better understand how to raise a puppy within the family unit. This informative yet fun and brilliantly illustrated guide is complete with Doggy Do’s and Doggy Don’ts to assist your child in learning the ins-and-outs of their puppy’s behaviour, feeding routines, playtime and general wellbeing. It is in essence, a kid’s guide to first-time pet ownership.

Mia Cobb, expert in human-animal interactions, said, “Research shows that pets can help us exercise more, visit the doctor less, improve our heart health, reduce anxiety, offset loneliness and help us make more friends. Pets also help aid development and increase immunity in children.” Adding a pet to your family also provides your child with the opportunity to create an unforgettable bond built on unconditional love. The benefits these new family members have on children’s health and emotions can be positively phenomenal and nurture them through to adolescence. “Dr Alex says studies have shown that pets can benefit a child’s self-esteem. Kids who have grown up with pets are found to be more empathetic and had higher self-worth.”

You will also receive…

You will receive this activity book that can be printed out to help children learn more about caring for the new addition to the family.

A note from the Author

When I read Puppy’s First Night as a bed time story, I read only the title that goes with Puppy News followed by reading only the characters speech text. This speeds up the reading process but the essence of the story is not lost and the child gets to enjoy the illustrations.

When interacting with children whilst reading Puppy’s First Night I ask the child, “Which section would you like to read today? Puppy News, Doggy Do or Doggy Don’t?”

When your child is reading Puppy’s First Night on their own they tend to be drawn to the pieces of information they feel they connect with the most and make a mental note of it or share that insight with you. You may want to ask your child to read a fact out to you and start a conversion about the topic so you both better understand what your puppy needs and reasons why.

Younger children will connect with Puppy’s First Night interpreting the illustrations and enjoying the characters. Allow your child time to absorb the details within the pictures and create their own questions to ask you.

Enjoy Reading, Lots of Love,


“Bec’s book is a fantastic guide for families wanting to get a canine family pet. It is written for parents to read to their children, promoting discussion and explanation. Highly recommended.”

– John Groom, Bentleigh Victoria

“A delightful book. My children have taken our pets back into their lives, interacting with them more and sharing the responsibilities.”

– Jo Sheldon – Member Victoria Working Sheep Dog Association

“Great info for young kids wanting a pet dog or even for adults like me that know very little about dogs other than to feed and walk them. I think you might be on a winner here.”

– Victoria Brun – Direct Compost Solutions Pty Ltd

“The book covers all the basics children should know about raising a puppy. She even taught me a few things I didn’t know!”

– Janet

“This is a sweet, kind hearted, and fun lens on the seriousness of owning a pet. Bec’s words draw the reader in from the moment we begin and Kasey’s illustrations add texture and warmth to the written word.”

– Caroline Culleton