Woodfordia’s latest social enterprise, Woodfordia Cellars, proudly supports the arts, folk lore and the environment.

The capacity to support superb artists from Australia and all over the world, across music genres and our diverse cultural spectrum, has never been more important or more urgent. Social enterprises, like Woodfordia Cellars, help ensure that we all continue to have a vibrant, independent live-arts scene.

Woodfordia Cellars spirits are created by distiller and manager Phil Gordon using a continuous still designed and built by Alexander Bell, which is renowned for its power, efficiency, and high-quality output.

The balance of flavours on a refined spirit base make these spirits unique and of high quality, proving to be popular beyond expectations at the recent Woodford Folk Festival, enjoyed by patrons across all the bars.

Woodfordia Cellars products can now be enjoyed at home and maybe give a taste of that festival experience at home.

We have put together some lovely recipes for you to try!

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