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Do you walk into the session bar at Woodford and wish it was you, sawing away at your fiddle or playing guitar until your fingers are shredded? Or, are you already playing an instrument, but wanting to learn the tips and tricks that will help you sit into those sessions with greater ease? 

On the last Saturday of each month the Woodfordia Traditional Music School provides an opportunity to learn from passionate teachers about the music and etiquette of playing in a traditional session. The school has emerged following the popularity of the Music Camp presented at the Woodford (Folk Festival) annually. 

In 2024, a full year of lessons and tutors will be launched with various instruments and experience levels being catered for through local teachers and touring artists.  

For those keen to get started and be ready to participate in sessions at the Woodford Folk Festival, the Traditional Music School will offer lessons on the last Saturday of the month.

Lessons and Session

Choose between:

  • Guitar lesson (2-3pm)
  • All folk instruments tunes lesson (2-3pm) – (fiddle, mandolin, whistle, banjo, flute, etc)

At the end of the 60 minute lessons, there will be an all-in session giving everyone the chance to put into practice their new-found skills (the ‘Session’ from 3-3:30pm). 

Costs $15 per lesson (which includes entry to the Folk Club that evening).  

Please bring your own instruments. 


What’s a Session?

A session is a purely acoustic gathering where folk musicians sit (usually in a circle) and play their favourite instrumentals and songs. It’s an opportunity to play what’s been learnt in the classes, as a whole group.


2:00- 3:00pm

  • Guitar class, or
  • All folk instruments tunes class

3:00- 3:30pm

  • All in Session

Book a one off lesson: 

A welcome from Kristin and Alan, and a little about what to bring (and which chords you might be about to learn!). 

Meet your tutors 

Alan Kelly

Alan is from Dublin and plays in both standard and DADGAD tuning on guitar. HIs style is highly rhythmic and he has run workshops at festivals all over Australia. Alan is the happy driving force behind Barleyshakes, and at his guitar workshops likes to include singing when the opportunity arises to add to the fun.  


Kristin Kelly

Kristin started her Celtic fiddle journey in FNQ with the popular bush band Paterson’s Curse before moving to Ireland in the mid 90s where she met and joined the Barleyshakes touring through Europe. She has been teaching fiddle for over 25 years.