“Many people before me have contributed so I could love Woodfordia. The gift I have left to Woodfordia in my Will is my repayment to them. It is also my way to pay it forward to those who will come after me. Long may Woodfordia continue: to encourage artists and creatives, and spread excitement, joy, and love to all” Friend of Woodfordia, Stephen Pronk

A bequest or planned gift to Woodfordia continues your legacy. By leaving a gift to Woodfordia in your Will, you can safeguard and nurture Woodfordia for generations to come and make a difference by funding initiatives that matter.

It’s never too early to think about a charitable gift in your Will – now could be the perfect time to create your legacy.

Person to Person; Generation to Generation

As individuals, striving alone, our best intentions can dissipate over time. As a community of people connected by a vision and a plan, we can build an enduring legacy that is beautiful, bountiful, responsible, and kind.


Woodfordia’s Journey

Woodfordia’s journey has been dramatic, risky and courageous. Our people have been driven by determination, ambitious goals, and a commitment to future generations.

Woodfordia, we have come to realise, is not merely a festival or a place for concerts, activists, and citizen scientists. It is a centre for pilgrimage, discovery, and exploration; for people seeking inspiration and hungering for deeper connections.

The heartfelt participation of thousands of people has taken Woodfordia from a simple idea, forty years ago, to what it is today; complex, rich, and multi-faceted, yet still grounded in community, creativity, and kindness.

With shared belief, passion, and determination, we will pass Woodfordia safely to future generations.

Amanda Jackes, Managing Director & Co-founder


Our 500 Year Plan

The 500 Year Plan guides our passage to the future.

The Plan is not a vision of how things will be in 500 years’ time, nor a business plan or blueprint of how to get there. It is a set of principles to guide our choices and behaviours, from person to person, and generation to generation.

Bill Hauritz, Founder

Woodfordia 500 Year Plan

We recognise, appreciate, and graciously receive gifts from our ancestors. We understand these are the gifts of lore and the celebration of our existence.

We’ll gift future generations with a clean slate; an organisation, a land, and a legacy unencumbered by financial, social, or environmental debt.

We’ll cultivate a convention of decision-making, strengthening through time, that will resonate in our work and nurture our future.

We’ll plant a forest of goodwill and benefit from its shade. We’ll build with the eyes of artists.

We’ll provide space for our descendants to meet the challenges of their generations with vigour, courage, and imagination, and encourage them to celebrate their journeys with levity and frivolity.

The 500 Year Plan lives in our minds. It is our myth. It is a vision for how we might be and sensed by all who feel our welcome.