Keep the Lights On 2020 Giving Programme  

In 2020 due to the Covid-19 pandemic, Woodfordia Inc has had to cancel or put on hold all of its events. This has included The Planting Festival, 4 Festival of Small Halls Tours, Year of Scotland Tours, Treehugger Gatherings and launch of Woodford Folk Festival tickets.  

While we have worked hard to significantly reduce the operational overheads at Woodfordia and have been able to secure Job Keeper for the remaining staff, the ongoing operational overheads of insurance, electricity, communication networks and site maintenance costs are still significant for our 500 acres. Donations towards our 2020 Keep the Lights On Giving Programme will help keep the organisation going in these uncertain and challenging times. Donations can be one-off or ongoing. 

Thank you for considering a donation to Woodfordia. 

Become a Woodfordia Citizen

We at Woodfordia feel blessed to be a part of something bigger than ourselves, to be making a difference, sharing it with a community and inspiring people to connect. Become a Woodfordia Citizen and join us and other like-minded souls in the process of forming the People’s Republic of Woodfordia.

Leave A Legacy

For more than thirty-three years people have gathered at the Woodford Folk Festival to celebrate music and the performing arts. It’s a place where generation after generation of festival-goers have experienced many happy memories and lovely experiences, not to mention a host of amazing performances. 

Today, Woodfordia is the iconic home of three festivals, attracting some of Australia’s most talented performers to its stages, and capturing the imaginations of thousands of people every year. We know some of you are so touched by what you have seen and heard that you want to help keep our rich legacy alive by leaving a gift in your will to Woodfordia. 

Every legacy we receive supports our work both on stage and behind-the-scenes – making it possible for us to fund new productions, revive favourites and support and nurture future generations of talented young performers. They allow us to reach out to new audiences and enrich people’s lives through music, culture and art, whether in the amphitheatre, live at the Songlines stage, or through our educational talks. 

By remembering Woodfordia in your will, you too will ensure that our festivals and our land can be enjoyed by future generations. Through the generosity of enlightened individuals, your legacy will help secure Woodfordia as a place of vision, a vital force across the globe in both music and art, and a home for Australia’s cultural heritage for generations to come.

If you would like some suggested wording that your solicitor can include in your Will or if you would like a booklet about leaving a gift in your Will sent to you, please contact us via email or phone our office on 07 5496 1066 (Tuesday – Thursday). 

I already have a Will, how can I add to it? 

If you have a will in place, you can complete a Codicil. A codicil is an instruction or amendment which is added to your existing Will and in effect becomes part of that Will. Please discuss any changes to your Will with your solicitor. As a Codicil is a separate document to the Will, it is important that the Codicil is attached to the Will to ensure it is not mislaid or overlooked. 

A copy of a codicil with Woodfordia Inc’s details can be downloaded here. 

Please inform us of your gift 

If you have made the wonderful decision to leave a gift in your Will to Woodfordia Inc, we would love to know so we can thank you personally. Informing us allows us to keep you up to date about what is happening at Woodfordia. Please email us at 

We thank you for your generosity. 


Please consider making a gift to Woodfordia Inc. Our fundraising goal is to achieve a $10M Perpetual Fund that will only be used to buffer the organisation against unforeseeable major events (these events could be economic downturn and acts of nature).

Woodfordia’s gifting programme is underpinned by a determination to meet the challenges of responsible social change, aggressive environmental contribution and a financial plan that removes terminal risk to the organisation.

Thank you for considering making a gift for future generations of Woodfordia.

All donations of $2 or more are tax deductible and Woodfordia, Inc. will send you a tax receipt.

For more information about donations and bequests, please contact us on 07 5496 1066 or