Gifting / Donation Programme – What are you passionate about?

Whether you’re passionate about Australian artists, live music festivals, and the arts sector – we’re nurturing it.  Woodfordia supports 2200 emerging and established Australian artists every year. First Nation’s artists are among our top three budget streams and gender parity in programming is a given.

Whether you’re dedicated to our environment, Woodfordia – we’re cherishing it.  We’re creating a beautiful cultural parkland, an arboretum of SEQ rainforest species, rich in biodiversity, and sustained by eco-resilient water, waste and energy systems.

Whether you’re like us – freaked out by the level of disconnection and anxiety in our society, and wanting to live differently – we’re working to make it happen in our backyard.  Our annual festival pilgrimage, monthly working bees, and bi-annual Lake Gkula events allow you to be ‘your best self’, accepted, acknowledged, joyful, and among ‘your people’.

We need your help to achieve these goals.

Please join us, and express your passion through a donation to Woodfordia.


Woodfordia Inc (ABN: 74 616 312 239) was registered as a Cultural Organisation on 19 February 2002 and is eligible to receive tax deductible donations through its public fund, the Woodford Art Fund. Donations to Woodfordia Inc of more than $2.00 are tax deductible provided they are made voluntarily and the donor receives no material benefit for the donation. Woodfordia Inc provides its donors with official receipts for tax purposes.

If you would like a copy of our DGR certificate, please contact us;

Phone: +61 7 5496 1066


If you prefer, you can make electronic donation directly to Woodfordia’s bank account here:

Bank: Commonwealth Bank of Australia 
Name: Woodfordia Inc – Art Fund 
Account BSB: 064 406 
Account Number: 10786572 

Reference: Your name + the word ‘donation’
eg: Mary Smith Donation

Please send the remittance to If you would like a tax deductible receipt, please email us with your donation details.

Postal address: PMB 2, Woodford, QLD 4514.