“Many people before me have contributed so I could love Woodfordia. The gift I have left to Woodfordia in my Will is my repayment to them. It is also my way to pay it forward to those who will come after me. Long may Woodfordia continue: to encourage artists and creatives, and spread excitement, joy, and love to all” Friend of Woodfordia, Stephen Pronk

A bequest or planned gift to Woodfordia continues your legacy. By leaving a gift to Woodfordia in your Will, you can safeguard and nurture Woodfordia for generations to come and make a difference by funding initiatives that matter.

It’s never too early to think about a charitable gift in your Will – now could be the perfect time to create your legacy.

Bequest Options

Of course, Woodfordia means different things to different people. Some of us love the vibrant arts and culture, others the sense of belonging to a rich, connected community.

Some love the land and its extraordinary evolution as a parkland integrating arts, culture, eco-restoration, and wise resource innovation. Others have found their spiritual home.

For this reason, we invite you to indicate your preference for how your bequest may benefit the Community of Woodfordia in years to come.

We have provided three bequest options.  The Resilience Fund is an investment in Woodfordia’s future. The Abundant Creativity Programme and our Environmental Stewardship Fund can make an immediate difference by supporting Woodfordia’s annual programmes.

Resilience Fund – Safeguarding and nurturing Woodfordia.

With a $10 million dollar target, Our Resilience Fund aims to strengthen Woodfordia’s long-term resilience and future renewal in the face of inevitable change, hardship, or catastrophe

“The factor that makes Woodfordia unique is its longevity, and its aspiration to continue to do what it does so well for years and years to come. Woodfordia is truly and authentically invested in original arts, vibrant culture, an enduring environment, and a sense of community – and in making sure our experience of those things through Woodfordia is transformative and life affirming”.

The ‘Abundant Creativity’ Fund

Our Abundant Creativity Programme supports experiences that make our lives richer, more vibrant, inclusive, and abundant. This programme can build the quality of Woodfordia’s annual arts and cultural programmes and support projects that strengthen community and individual wellbeing

“Woodfordia creates a space and time to explore the depths of knowledge, creativity, joy, performance, community, and social issues that confront each generation. It’s not until you immerse yourself in this space you realise how unique this is, and how important to maintain this gift in perpetuity”.

Environmental Stewardship Fund

Our Environmental Stewardship Programme focuses on ‘stepping lightly’ on our earth through eco-restoration, biodiversity, beautiful infrastructure, site improvements, and wise resource management in renewable energy, water, waste, soil, and air.  Bequests supporting resource innovation and nature conservation recognise that Woodfordia is part of an interconnected world.

“Through Woodfordia I make a difference”. I can plant a tree, support renewable energy, belong to a community, be a patron of the arts, get involved in national discussions about important issues, and help build Australia’s cultural landscape”.