A bequest or planned gift to Woodfordia continues your legacy. By leaving a gift to Woodfordia in your Will, you can safeguard and nurture Woodfordia for generations to come and make a difference by funding initiatives that matter.

It’s never too early to think about a charitable gift in your Will – now could be the perfect time to create your legacy.

“Many people before me have contributed so I could love Woodfordia. The gift I have left to Woodfordia in my Will is my repayment to them. It is also my way to pay it forward to those who will come after me. Long may Woodfordia continue: to encourage artists and creatives, and spread excitement, joy, and love to all”
Friend of Woodfordia, Stephen Pronk

What is a Bequest?

A gift in a Will is sometimes called a bequest.

A bequest is a legal transfer of specific personal property from your estate at the time of your death.

An estate may include money, real estate, collections, shares, cash, bank accounts, vehicles, furniture, jewellery, or any other assets owned by you at the time of your death. Your estate may also include superannuation and, possibly life insurance policies. If you are unsure what possessions or assets make up your estate, talk with a solicitor or the Public Trustee about what is included in your estate and what might not be, e.g., personal savings plans, savings bonds, shared assets, or living trusts.

A bequest to Woodfordia means you include Woodfordia as a beneficiary in your Will. We value every gift, no matter what amount or kind.


Why Leave a Gift in Your Will – Reciprocity, Renewal, and Making A Difference

“The unique thing about Woodfordia is balance. There are other music festivals. There are other organisations focused on community or the environment. Woodfordia integrates arts, culture, community, and the environment in a balanced ‘whole’ that is full of creativity and joy, and is intended to endure”

We hope you may consider leaving a gift to Woodfordia in your Will.

Bequests are a way to reciprocate: a ‘giving back’ in acknowledgement of the selfless time, effort, and love of many people who have contributed to Woodfordia for over forty years.

Bequests safeguard, nurture, and renew Woodfordia for decades to come. Bequests are also a way to make a difference; funding initiatives that matter.


Where will your bequest go?

Woodfordia offers three bequest options. These are listed on Bequest Options.

We invite you to indicate your preference for how your bequest may benefit the Community of Woodfordia, now and in the future.