“Many people before me have contributed so I could love Woodfordia. The gift I have left to Woodfordia in my Will is my repayment to them. It is also my way to pay it forward to those who will come after me. Long may Woodfordia continue: to encourage artists and creatives, and spread excitement, joy, and love to all” Friend of Woodfordia, Stephen Pronk

A bequest or planned gift to Woodfordia continues your legacy. By leaving a gift to Woodfordia in your Will, you can safeguard and nurture Woodfordia for generations to come and make a difference by funding initiatives that matter.

It’s never too early to think about a charitable gift in your Will – now could be the perfect time to create your legacy.

How to Make A Bequest

A gift in a Will is sometimes called a bequest. A bequest is a legal transfer of specific personal property (money, property, etc) at the time of your death.


Step 1: Speak to your family and loved ones

We recommend you explain to your loved ones about your decision to leave a bequest to Woodfordia so they will be aware of it when the time comes.


Step 2: Decide what type of gift to leave

There are three ways to leave a gift in your Will:

  • Residual: After your estate has taken care of your loved ones and expenses, you may make a gift of the remainder – or a percentage of the remainder.
  • Specific: You may nominate a specific financial amount in your Will
  • Asset: You may gift a specific asset, such as real estate, shares, or an item of particular value, such as a collection.


Step 3: Speak with a trusted advisor

While writing or updating your Will, we recommend that you request the help of the Public Trustee, your solicitor, or the Woodfordia solicitor, Dion McCurdy (contact details below).


Step 4: Consider letting us know

If you leave a gift to Woodfordia in your Will, we would love to thank you personally.

Knowing about your bequest also helps our future planning.

Please get in touch if you feel comfortable to do so. Your approach, and any discussions, are confidential.


Step 5: Consider whether you feel comfortable to share your decision with your loved ones.

Sharing your decision with your friends and colleagues and/or allowing us to share your decision on our bequest web-page, brochure, or on social media, may encourage others to support Woodfordia.

You can see stories shared by others who have made bequests to Woodfordia on our website: www.woodfordia.org/support-us


If you decide to leave a gift in your Will, the following information may be of use:

Woodfordia’s legal name: Woodfordia Inc. ABN: 74 616 312 239

Woodfordia is a not-for-profit with deductible gift recipient (DGR) status which means your gift is tax-free.

The following wording is a guide/example only:

“I give to Woodfordia Inc ABN 74 616 312 239 [indicate amount, percentage or item to be gifted]. I declare that the receipt provided by Woodfordia’s Chief Financial Officer shall be sufficient discharge of my executor’s duty.”