• Open Hours


  • Swimming

    • No entry for anyone intoxicated.
    • Please don’t leak in Lake Gkula. 
    • Please do not swim if you have communicable disease or diarrhoea. The water in the lake is not disinfected. 
    • No plastic floatation devices or water inflatables. 
    • There are changing depths and hidden hazards. Go slow and explore. 
    • Only jump off designated rocks. Please don’t throw or skim rocks. 
    • Only enter the water from the beaches. 
  • What to wear

    • Little people must be wearing aquatic nappies or swimwear. 
    • Please, no nude (including topless) bathing. 
  • Age Restriction

    • An adult can enter (and must remain within) the lake precinct with a maximum of 2 children only. 
    • Parents need to supervise their little people at all times and keep the very little ones within arm’s reach at all times. 
  • Other Restrictions

    • To protect our aquatic creatures please be 100 % free of cosmetics and sunscreens (including deodorants and wound treatments unless all ingredients are certified organic/reef friendly/100% zinc) 
    • Follow any directions given by lake safety observers. 
    • Please no breath holding games, we are not fish. 
    • Anyone requiring the use of a flotation device is asked to stay out of the deep water. 

Ready to swim?