Woodfordia is now home to a beautiful conservation and recreation lake, which was officially opened on Saturday 7th Dec 2019. Lake Gkula is chemical free and uses all-natural water filtration systems that deliver a safe habitat for wildlife and people alike. 


Lake Gkula honours the region’s traditional owners, the Jinibara people, naming it after one of their principal spokespersons, Uncle Noel Blair, a much-loved and influential figure in the Woodfordian community; Noel’s indigenous name is Gkula, which translated, means Koala. 


The lake is abundant with fish and plant life with more than 16 species of native fish and crustaceans and over 8,000 plants, including native water lilies. The up-flow wetland filtration system creates habitat for beneficial bacteria and microorganisms, which create healthy stable conditions and keep pathogens at bay. Powerful pumps and nanobubble technology, maintain a constant water flow and high levels of oxygen, directing it through the wetlands, which purify the water like kidneys. 


To maintain the ecology of the lake, all bathers will need to remove any chemicals (i.e. sunscreen, cosmetics, wound treatments) unless they are approved low oil, zinc-based products. 


Lake Safety Lore

Welcome to Lake Gkula
Get wet and it’ll coolya
But before you have a go
There’s some things you gotta know 

We want you to have fun
But SAFETY’s number one
Please let us lay on you
A little rule or two 

Always swim in pairs
With somebody who cares
And if you’re under 18 years
An adult must be near 

Kids, 5 or less in years
Quick as a wink, they disappears
So keep them in arm’s reach
and stay around the beach 

Big rocks beneath the waves
Hurt them that misbehaves
So no diving from the stones
If you prefer unbroken bones 

Just moving through the water
To be careful, you just ought-a
Relax and take it slow
And feel out what’s below 

Please wash off all lotions
Or artificial potions
Because our water’s very pure
And our fish are connoisseurs 

Please don’t take a leak
When it’s the toilet you should seek
And keep your cossies on
This ain’t no nudey Babylon! 

Refrain from plastic floaties
Or rubber duck-type boaties
Or glass or alcohol
They’re against our protocol 

Holding breath the longest
Is a game we think is wrongest
So please resist the urge
To pass out while submerged! 

If contagious ills you suffer
Please give us all a buffer
And quarantine yourself
For the sake of all our health 

Our team of safety rangers
Will be watching out for dangers
Their directions must be heeded
But if we’re smart they’ll not be needed!