The Woodfordia Media Internship is an exciting opportunity to gain real world experience in a media team. You will be assisting a team of highly skilled professionals across aspects of social media management, marketing, PR, social and communications. This internship is suited to those with a desire to work in media who are living and breathing all things online content, social media and marketing.


Skills Developed

  • Social media management
  • Digital content creation
  • Campaign building/ copywriting
  • Digital Marketing
  • PR
  • Media Management
  • Communications best practices

Training possibilities include:

  • Various CMS
  • Producing content for web and social media platforms
  • Creating social campaigns using Later
  • Creating and sending press releases through online channels
  • Writing copy for web
  • Marketing strategy and best practice

Experience Gained

  • Industry experience with a major festival being part of the media team
  • On site experience working in a fast-paced environment creating and managing various aspects of social media
  • Producing copy and content when asked for digital platforms
  • Media releases via campaign building, with guidance from mentors
  • Procedures for working within media team
  • Producing content for social media marketplaces, online platforms or podcast
  • Mentorship from experienced team members who are working in media

Essential Skills (these are skills we require of any interns in this area)

  • Excellent written and oral communications skills
  • Excellent attention to detail
  • Ability to maintain a calm and friendly attitude in a busy environment
  • Strong desire to learn about working in media
  • Background using social media platforms (facebook, instagram, snapchat, twitter)

Desirables (these are skills we would like in any interns in this area)

  • Some experience with social media management
  • Any experience writing copy or media releases
  • Your own laptop and/or a decent phone for on the go work when out in the field


We work in a Mac-based office environment. It is preferable that the intern is able to do so as well, or is willing to learn (on their own time.) Being proficient in both Mac and PC is a plus.