Woodfordia Inc.

Programme and Touring Internship

About the role

Work alongside the Programme team and learn all aspects of the festival pre-production processes relating to artist management and logistics (accommodation, ticketing and transport), stages and venues, special event production and intersections with marketing and publicity, volunteer management and other festival departments. Gain an understanding of the organisation in its entirety as it relates to people and the roles they play within a festival setting.

Work in a supporting role to our Touring team, learning about the creation of worksheets and itineraries, tour logistics, working with a publicist and tour presentation, including marketing and promotion.

This internship will provide experience in supporting an artistic programme of over 2500 individual artists across diverse genre, and grassroots touring programmes.

Skills Developed

  • Understanding touring and programme timelines
  • Knowledge of programme and production processes of a large multi-arts festival
  • Awareness of the timelines and processes involved in rolling out pre-booked tours for international artists
  • Contact and problem solving with artists
  • Safety and support of volunteers
  • Creation or refining of Manuals/Guidelines
  • Stage and Event Management
  • Reporting
  • Dealing with highly confidential material

Training possibilities include:

  • Mental Health First Aid

  • RSA

  • Basic First Aid

  • CRM use

  • Programme logistics management software training

Experience Gained

  • Communication with artists, agents and managers.
  • Handling of ticket and accommodation requests within budgets
  • Liaison with venue managers, community groups, ticketing and production outlets
  • Creation of worksheets and intersection with formal tools for this purpose
  • Onsite team management in either ticketing or artist solutions
  • Support of special projects across multiple genre
  • Assisting Programme and Touring Coordinator and Programme Manager in their duties

Essential Skills (these are skills we require of any interns in this area)

  • Experience with Microsoft Office products, mainly Word and Excel at an intermediate to advanced level
  • Excellent written and oral communications skills
  • Excellent attention to detail
  • Ability to maintain a calm and friendly attitude in a busy environment
  • Strong desire to learn about volunteer management and festivals
  • Valid open driver’s licence
  • Physical fitness and the ability to work in a hot climate

Desirables (these are skills we would like in any interns in this area)

  • Some experience in a leadership role
  • Ability to keep track of a large number of people and details
  • Previous volunteer experience at festivals and events – not essential

We work in a Mac-based office environment. It is preferable that the intern is able to do so as well, or is willing to learn (on their own time.) Being proficient in both Mac and PC is a plus.

Key Contacts

The role will report directly to the Programme and Touring Coordinator, but is under the supervision of the Programme Manager (until November 2) and Head of Programming (ongoing).

Internship Timeline

2nd & 3rd October Welcome and Orientation including

  • Bill’s Welcome, Uncle Noel Welcome
  • History of Woodfordia*
  • Time for getting to know one another – each intern asked to prepare a 3 – 5 min presentation about themselves to give to the group
  • Site Tour
  • Safety induction
  • Organisation and its culture
  • Review of important dates*
  • Dinner at Festival Hall (1st evening)

*documents provided prior, interns expected to read through them before arriving on site

3 – 7 October
  • Support final administration of programme prior to going to print – calls to resupply images, proof-reads etc
  • Proofreading and information prep support for supply of programme information to web
  • Communications training – email and phone protocols and procedures
  • Filemaker (Woodfordia’s artist management software) training
  • Time allocated for Mental Health First Aid study
8 – 12 October
  • Citizens’ Day and programme launch preparation
  • Preparation of marketing materials (collation of detail for differing pitches to media and for e-blasts and socials)
  • Communications – start drafting replies to emails
  • Time allocated for Mental Health First Aid study
13 October (SATURDAY)
  • Attend Citizens’ Day sessions, including MHFA course in the morning
  • Assist with the programme launch (venue preparation, artist meet and greet as required)
15 – 19 October
  • Weekly Production Meetings Commence Tuesdays 1PM
  • Support distribution of booklets and brochures to hosts and accommodation providers
  • Support incoming ticketing enquiries (1 day)
22 October
  • Formal review of progress to date – go through ‘curriculum’ and skills proficiencies; provide feedback for improving
22 – 26 October
  • Production Meeting Tuesday
  • Support incoming ticketing enquiries (1 day)
  • Checking of artist invoices and ABN details
  • Calls for incomplete tech specs
  • Developing or refining of Greenroom Manuals
  • Printing of artist accom signs
29 October – 2 November
  • Production Meeting Tuesday
  • Support ticket enquiries (2 days)
  • Support phone calls for incorrect invoices
  • Support final accommodation allocations and communication
  • Ongoing handling of enquiries
5 – 9 November
  • Production Meeting Tuesday
  • Read through Artist Greenroom Department Manuals
  • Supporting department heads with ensuring position descriptions (especially ‘first shift start time/date’ and ‘last shift finish time/date’ are updated correctly)
  • Online preparation for tour announcements
  • Time allocated for comparison study, manual writing
12 – 16 November
  • Production Meeting Tuesday
  • Enter Folklines programme ticket names and support ticket distribution
  • Likely tour announcements
  • Time allocated for comparison study, manual writing
19 – 23 November
  • Production Meeting Tuesday
  • Review of producer notes and filed production detail
23 November Check in and review progress
26 – 30 November
  • Production Meeting Tuesday
  • Production materials exports and creation of venue books
  • Follow up of any outstanding payment plan tickets and cancellation of unpaid tickets
3 – 7 December
  • Production Meeting Tuesday
  • Build launch party preparation week
  • Create worksheet for Saturday in collaboration with Volunteers Department
  • Communication with artists presenting at weekend meeting
8 December SATURDAY Build Launch Party and Organisers meeting

  • Stage manage the Build Launch Party
10 – 14 December
  • Final Production Meeting
  • Create run sheets and itineraries for Woodfordia touring shows (researching accommodation, production, travel times and methods, flight bookings)
17 – 21 December
  • Greenroom set up on site (2 days) support
  • Host / guest communication checks
  • Volunteer roster checks and briefing calls
  • Preparation of posters for onsite distribution
22 December Move out of Half Star Hilton/Set Up Own Accommodation
22 – 23 December
  • Artist pre-festival set up weekend
  • Onsite volunteer training: site, billet and airport drives
  • Manage volunteers to make beds in Tent City
  • Move Programme Office to Greenroom area
  • Ticketing and gates processes checks
  • Onsite poster distribution roll out
  • Signage erected and checked
24 December Final check with Programme Coordinator on:

  • All artist related Signage
  • Gates
  • Greenroom
25 December OFF
26 – 28 December 26th: Gates open to Artists and Presenters

  • Assisting at Gates/Assisting at Greenroom as required
27 December – 1 Jan
  • Work in rostered supervisor role in a department in the Artist Greenroom
  • Experience the festival
  • Finalise all woodfordia touring itineraries and distribute to artists
31 December
  • Volunteers Party worksheet finalisation
1 January Assisting with Volunteers Party at the Grande
2 – 4 January
  • Wrap up report
  • Manual completion
4 January Internship finale including:

  • De-brief with Area Manager
  • Group presentation on what was the key learnings, highlights, challenges
  • Goodbye dinner and ceremony, presented with certificate of completion and letter of reference