Woodfordia Inc.

Producer (Arts) Internship

The Role of a festival Arts Producer This role contributes to the artistic and strategic vision of the organisation, often via discrete projects in collaboration with a variety of artists. Some projects’ briefs are responsive to a festival-wide narrative driven by the poster artwork. Other projects are responsive to practical considerations (providing more shade) or to a precinct design concept (30s cabaret or tropical island paradise) or brought to us directly as an artist generated concept. These themes are often shared through festival programming features and spectacle events such as the the Opening Ceremony and the closing Fire Event.


The role will focus on and assist skill building through:

  • Understanding Woodfordia Inc as an organisation, its core values and underpinning principles

  • Planning, development and delivery of a diverse range of projects

  • Exploring and supporting entrepreneurism and curatorial ideas

  • Scoping and developing potential projects

  • Data collection, reporting, filing and archiving

  • Building relationships with artists, collaborators and project team members


Example of a Project Breakdown:

  • Scope the idea, build an initial brief

  • Research materials, artists, processes, resources, funding potential

  • Contact potential collaborators – artists, experts, advisors.

  • Discuss ideas within a team context exploring broadly across all areas of consideration: themes, topics, materials, techniques, budgets, timelines, venue or space, marketing, risk assessment etc.

  • Design of a working brief, site plan and budget projection

  • Contracting

  • Developing timescales including deadlines and measures to keep the team on track, contingencies to respond to projected issues

  • Building of a marketing strategy and timeline in collaboration with the marketing team.

  • Build ticketing info (if applicable) to supply to IT and FOH.

  • Organise signage and supply all necessary info to FOH, Marketing, Accounts and project team

  • Delivery of project. The outcome will vary, it may be ephemeral (temporary art installation or performance), permanent (a sculpture or structure), an event in itself (The Artisan Camp, a ceremony, a programmed event at a festival) or something else.

  • Document processes, for promotional, reporting and archival purposes.

  • Finalise accounts and invoices, update coding and budget projection.

  • Debrief and reporting.


The successful applicant will demonstrate strength in some or all of these key areas:

  • Be strongly self-motivated

  • Possess excellent and effective organisational verbal and written communication skills.

  • Be open-minded, imaginative, resourceful and considerate.

  • Be passionate about the arts (in a variety of forms, including performance, spectacle, visual, installation and interdisciplinary) and helping artists to achieve their potential.

  • Have the desire to gain experience working across multiple projects within a variety of contexts, from note taking and database updating to planning, developing and delivering projects as well as assisting volunteers, artists and contractors to fulfil their projects

  • Have strong administration skills, and/or be willing to develop these

  • Assist with budget and project management, grant-writing and documentation.


  • have some past experience working with/for an arts organisation or in a cultural sector, or display a keen interest in working in the arts sector.

  • have some experience in grant writing or applying to funding agencies

What to Bring:

  • your own experience, ideas, enthusiasm, weirdness and out-of-the-box thinking.

  • Sunscreen, boots and a hat

What we offer?

  • A unique and on-the-job producing experience

  • Preparation for leadership positions in the arts industry

  • Input in shaping Woodfordia Inc’s artistic programs into the future.

  • Immersive event experience on multiple levels, from our small organisational events and projects, to our major festivals.

  • A supportive yet challenging environment, working with dedicated professionals on events that we are personally and professionally invested in.

  • A community driven arts and culture experience working in the not-for-profit sector

Training possibilities include:

  • Mental Health First Aid

  • RSA

  • Basic First Aid

  • CRM use

  • Festival database

Essential Skills (these are skills we require of any interns in this area)

  • Experience with Microsoft Office products, mainly Word and Excel at an intermediate to advanced level

  • Excellent written and oral communications skills

  • Excellent attention to detail

  • Ability to maintain a calm and friendly attitude in a busy environment

  • Strong desire to learn about producing events in the arts and culture sector

  • Valid open driver’s licence

  • Previous volunteer experience at festivals and events

Desirables (have some experience, or a willingness to learn)

  • Basic working knowledge of Adobe InDesign, Photoshop and/or Illustrator.

  • Ability to keep track of a multiple tasks, prioritise job lists, seek assistance when necessary, take direction and throw your own ideas into the ring.

We work in a Mac-based office environment. It is preferable that your are able to do so, or are willing to learn (in your own time.)

Internship Timeline

2 & 3 October

Welcome and Orientation including

  • Bills’ Welcome, Uncle Noel’s Welcome

  • History of Woodfordia*

  • Time for getting to know one another – each intern asked to prepare a 3 – 5 min presentation about themselves to give to the group

  • Site Tour

  • Safety induction

  • Organisation and its culture

  • Review of important dates*

  • Dinner at Festival Hall (1st evening)

*documents provided prior, interns expected to read through them before arriving on site

4 – 7 October

  • Training in office databases and general overview of systems and file sharing.

  • Briefing of current and upcoming projects

  • Familiarisation with jobs list

  • Meet and liaise with project artists, collaborators and relevant staff

  • Time allocation for Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) study

8 – 12 October

  • Citizens’ Day and programme launch preparation

  • Communications – start drafting replies to emails

  • Time allocation for MHFA study

13 October – Full Day and Evening

Citizens’ Day, including MHFA course in the morning, venue prep in the afternoon; assist with the programme launch

15 – 19 October

Project development and delivery. This may involve  autonomous and/or supported tasks, including:

  • building itineraries / run sheets

  • scoping projects

  • liaising with social media: writing or collecting stories, presenting elements for posting on socials

  • negotiating updates and new elements of the project with the team

  • liaising with artists: gathering updates, images and promo materials, logistics

  • costing materials and services

  • assisting with promo and marketing proofing and layout

  • assisting front of house with project briefs and FAQs and updating online systems

  • business plans and grant writing

  • meeting with creative teams

  • documenting progress, reporting

22 October

Formal review of progress to date – go through ‘curriculum’ and skills proficiencies; provide feedback (to and from both intern and supervisor)

22 – 23 November

  • Project development and delivery

  • Site Art Projects

  • Artisan Camp finalisation, website

  • Festival programming updates

23 November

Check in and review progress

25 November – 7 December

  • Project development and delivery

  • Site Art Projects

  • Artisan Camp Launch

  • Festival programming projects finalised

8 December

Build Launch Party and Organisers meeting

10 – 20 December

  • Project development and delivery

  • Liaison with Site Art Manager and site crew

  • Onsite builds and office work

  • Update changes in site plans, logistics, timelines

  • Documenting builds

  • Responding to and resolving issues

22 December

Move out of Half Star Hilton, set up camp or alternative

22 – 24 December

  • Project development and delivery

  • Liaison with Site Art Manager and site crew

  • Final delivery

  • On site and office based work

  • Responding to and resolving last minute issues

25 December

Day off

26 and 27 December

  • Finalise all onsite delivery

  • Responsive to issues

28 December- 1 January

  • Responsive to issues, if they arise

  • Visual and written documentation of projects, delivery success, noting issues and solutions.

  • Enjoy the festival

1 January

  • Worker’s party

2 January

  • Rest day

3 – 4 January


Internship finale including:

  • De-brief with Area Manager

  • Present Report within two weeks of internship

  • Group presentation on what were the key learnings, highlights, challenges

  • Goodbye dinner and ceremony, presented with certificate of completion and letter of reference

4 -18 January

This period is set aside for completing reports, collating post event data and wrap ups. It is estimated to take 8-12 hrs in total. The intern is not required to work from the office during this time and submission may happen remotely.