Will I get paid for the internship?

No, except for the additional expenses incurred for work related activity will be refunded.

How many hours are expected to work per day?

We aim for a balanced workload during the experience and will discuss time management individually with each intern. While we aim for a 9 – 5 work day, there are times when we will have to work late and we would expect the interns to be willing to do so in order to complete the required tasks. Conversely, we understand there are times when a person needs to arrive late or leave early for a necessary appointment. We are happy to negotiate changes to the 9 – 5 work day as long as notice is given in advance.

Can I get free tickets to the festival?

Interns will be given one all access pass that includes camping for the duration of the festival. There are no extra free tickets.

Can I have visitors to the site during the internship?

Yes, please arrange the visit with your area manager.

Do I need to have my own car?

It is preferred but not necessarily essential. The office is situated about 6km outside of the town of Woodford and there is limited public transport options to town, which is why it is preferable to have your own vehicle. There are staff that commute from various locations and may be willing to ride share.

There are ways to get to site as well as bikes you can borrow to get around site.

How do I get to the site?

As for getting to Woodfordia, you can get to the town of Woodford by public transport from the Sunshine Coast and Brisbane. The Woodfordia site is located 6 km from the town of Woodford. If you need to be picked up from town, please speak to your area manager. There is a taxi service as well.

When will I be notified about my application?

We will contact applicants within 3 weeks of applying. If you have not heard in that time frame, email internships@woodfordia.com to follow up.

Can I get a job with the festival at the end of the internship program?

We can not guarantee an offer of employment, but preference will be given to interns that shine. We will also assist as much as we can to support interns in their search for employment in the events industry.

What are the accommodations like?

We have onsite accommodations dongers that have been repurposed from old mining and construction sites. The rooms contain a bed, a wardrobe, a chair, a window and air conditioning. They are basic but comfortable. During the festival, we can offer a space for you to camp with the crew or a space in the Woodfordia office to sleep should you not wish to camp.

Dongers may not be available during the Build period, however onsite camping is always an option.

Do I need to bring my own tent and camping equipment?

Yes, if you wish to camp, we ask you to bring your own tent and equipment.

Are there showers and toilets?

Yes, the amenities are basic but include hot water showers.

Will I see native animals?

Yes, Woodfordia is a “Land for Wildlife” site, which has enabled a healthy population of birds, snakes, goannas, possums, wallabies and kangaroos. Once the tents start going up, much of the wildlife heads for the hills, though there is always a chance they will remain on the site. We generally leave them alone and simply enjoy their company from a distance. Please note, no domestic animals are allowed on site.

What is provided for my internship?

We will provide you with a work space, accommodations, access to a kitchen, a common fridge, access to Woodfordia vehicles for short trips to town and the surrounding area, and during the festival Build period (2 weeks before the festival) there will be 3 meals/day provided (gluten-free, vegetarian and vegan options available). Upon completion, you will receive a certificate of completion and a letter of reference from your area manager to assist you in your search for employment.

Do I need to use my personal phone?

We ask you to use your own phone but can discuss reimbursement if need be. Depending on the area, a mobile phone (old school kind) or SIM may be provided.

What happens at Christmas time?

Will I be able to see my family? Some time to get away and see your family may be possible but as the site opens to patrons and crew on the 25th December, we would recommend having an earlier family gathering as we may need you to be on site and working on that day. This will be worked out with your area manager.

Will I get to enjoy the festival?

We all aim to enjoy the festival, though that may be through the joy we get in working on it. Our first priority is always to ensure the patrons have the best and safest festival possible and we expect our interns to work to that aim as well. There will be time when you are free of responsibility and can explore all the amazing things going on, but that will be worked out with you and your area manager.

Whom can I contact if I have additional questions?

You can get in touch at internships@woodfordia.com 

Where are the nearest shops?

The town of Woodford is 6km from the site and has 2 grocery stores. There are a few restaurants, the local pub, bottle shops, chemists and various other shops. It is a small country town though so don’t expect to be able to buy designer jeans or electronic goods. Caboolture, a medium-sized city, is 30 mins by car away and has a few shopping malls and department stores.

What will be work environment be like?

Our offices are based in an old farmhouse that has been converted to a number of offices. There has been an addition build at the back and we have work spaces for approximately 40 people. With 20 full-time staff and a dozen or so contractors coming on through October – December, things can get a little cramped and busy. We keep our space clean, as you would in a share house. Some interns will share an office with their area manager while others may be assigned a desk in a open concept office room.