This is your chance to gain real industry experience in a fast paced IT environment and more broadly with creators and users of Geospatial data. This is an opportunity to work alongside the highly skilled event management staff and volunteers to create a framework and establish tools for Geospatial data management. You will learn about all aspects of working within a complex IT, event management organisation, and the use of crowdsourced environmental data while gaining valuable real-world knowledge on all the systems involved. This internship will feature hands on experience across a range of roles with experience streams across IT, environmental and event management, and collecting and encoding geographic and photographic data using modern capture techniques such as drones or LIDAR surveys.


Skills Developed

  • Mapping and geospatial data capture techniques.
  • Geospatial system design and implementation.
  • Application of geospatial systems within event and environmental management fields.
  • Exposure to governance models for Geospatial systems.
  • Data entry and management techniques for Geospatial information systems.
  • Exposure to drone mapping tools and data collection.
  • Exposure to a diverse toolset such as Quantum, Google Earth Pro, WebODM and Oneplan.

Experience Gained

  • Industry experience with a major festival in the design and implementation of mapping and geospatial systems.
  • Site experience performing mapping and surveying as part of data collection.
  • Design and implementation of back office GIS systems.
  • Collaboration with end user’s to refine user experience for mapping visualisation and data capture.
  • Techniques for data conversion from existing information sources into GIS systems.
  • Establishing governance for base mapping and frameworks for the creation of mapping layers specific to required domains.
  • Mentorship from experienced team members who are working in the industry.

Essential Skills (these are skills we require of any interns in this area)

  • Experience with Geospatial information systems.
  • Excellent computer skills including system design and administration.
  • Excellent written and oral communications skills.
  • Excellent attention to detail.
  • Ability to maintain a calm and friendly attitude in a busy environment.
  • Strong desire to learn about IT and Geospatial information systems.

Desirables (these are skills we would like in any interns in this area)

  • Some experience with large IT solutions.
  • Experience with mapping tools and layering of geospatial information.
  • Understanding of drone mapping and survey techniques and data capture.


We work in a Mac-based office environment. It is preferable that the intern is able to do so as well, or is willing to learn (on their own time.) Being proficient in both Mac and PC is a plus.