Event Site Management Internship

Work alongside the Event Site Manager and learn aspects of Event and Site Management, as well as gain an understanding of the organisation and how the event is operated to ensure the lowest level of risk and impact possible. This internship will provide experience in the administration, operational preparation and management of the festival.

Skills Developed

  • Reviewing Event Management Plans
  • Liaising with neighbours and local stakeholders
  • Traffic Management application process
  • Emergency Services logistics and preparation
  • Organising stakeholder meetings
  • Writing manuals/guidelines
  • Reporting
  • Confidentiality
  • Equipment and fleet ordering
  • Liaising with Department heads and assessing needs

Training possibilities include:

  • Mental Health First Aid
  • RSA
  • Basic First Aid
  • Usage of inhouse software
  • Mapping systems

Experience Gained

  • Communication with Department Heads to ascertain transportation and supplies needs
  • Reviewing fleet and equipment requirements and comparing to previous years and developing an updated ordering spreadsheet using new information
  • Conducting preliminary review of the Event Management Plan
  • Conducting preliminary review of Traffic Management and Road Corridor Application
  • Minute keeping during meetings
  • Reviewing safety documentation
  • Community consultation
  • Generation of updated specific maps for departments

Essential Skills (these are skills we require of any interns in this area)

  • Experience with Microsoft Office products, mainly Word and Excel at an intermediate to advanced level
  • Experience with Google Sheets
  • Experience with basic mapping
  • Excellent written and oral communications skills and attention to detail
  • Ability to maintain a calm and friendly attitude in a busy environment
  • Strong desire to gain knowledge in operational management of events
  • Valid open driver’s licence
  • Previous experience (paid or volunteer) at festivals and events
  • Problem solving skills

Desirables (these are skills we would like in any interns in this area)

  • Some experience in a leadership role
  • Ability to operate autonomously
  • Experience operating 4WDs and buggies
  • Scheduling
  • Use of basic hand tools

We work in a Mac-based office environment. It is preferable that the intern is able to do so as well, or is willing to learn (on their own time.) Being proficient in both Mac and PC is a plus.

Internship Timeline

2 & 3 October

Welcome and Orientation including

  • Bill’s Welcome, Uncle Noel’s Welcome
  • History of Woodfordia*
  • Time for getting to know one another – each intern asked to prepare a 3 – 5 min presentation about themselves to give to the group
  • Site Tour
  • Safety induction
  • Organisation and its culture
  • Review of important dates*
  • Dinner at Festival Hall (1st evening)

*documents provided prior, interns expected to read through them before arriving on site

3 – 7 October

  • Conduct preliminary review of EMP and submit to Site Manager
    • Correct all dates and basic information
  • Conduct preliminary review of Traffic Management Application

8 – 12 October

  • Contact all Department Heads
    • Discuss fleet requirements
    • Discuss equipment requirements
    • Discuss supplies needs
  • Citizens’ Day and programme launch preparation
  • Prepare for Mental Health First Aid

13 October

  • Citizens’ Day
    • MHFA course in the morning
    • venue prep in the afternoon
    • assist with the programme launch

15 – 19 October

  • Conduct comparison study of last year’s fleet and radio order to this year’s needs
  • Draft letter to neighbours and local businesses
  • Get quotes for newspaper ads
  • Distribute letters

22 October

Formal review of progress to date – go through ‘curriculum’ and skills proficiencies; provide feedback for improving

22 – 26 October

  • Update fleet and radio order based on Site Manager’s review of comparisons
  • Submit orders to suppliers
  • Update EMP from Site Manager’s notes
  • Submit EMP
  • Update Traffic Management Application based on Site Manager’s review and submit

29 October – 2 November

  • Assist Site Manager’s Offsider with ticketing of neighbours and complimentary guests and contractors
    • Ongoing process until festival period

5 – 9 November

  • Assist with amenities audit and submit to map developer
    • Liaise with Site Layout Manager

12 – 16 November

  • Update contract dates and submit to Site Manager for review
  • send out contracts on behalf of Site Manager

19 – 23 November

  • Assist the Site Manager’s Offsider check in with build period Department Heads on arrivals and preparedness and if they have any concerns, submit report to Site Manager
    • Mapping requirements
    • Vehicles (confirm order)
    • Radios (confirm order)

23 November

Check in and review progress

25 – 29 November

  • Assist with development of maps
  • Assist with printing and laminating of maps
  • Assist with placement of signs (parking etc)

3 – 7 December

  • Assist with the setting up of site managers site office
  • conduct pre-build inspections with site manager and his offsider
  • Assist with preparing for launch party and organisers meeting.

8 December

Assist Building the Launch Party and Organisers meeting

10 – 14 December

  • Help Site Manager’s offsider with taking delivery of radio order
    • Check numbers and cross reference
    • Distribute early radios and record
    • Take radios to operations
  • Help with distribution of maps to Department Heads

16 – 20 December

  • Assist in delivery and setting up of lighting towers in eastern bloc car park
  • Help with marking out of crew parking areas
  • Assist with car pass approvals process

22 December

Move out of Half Star Hilton (if applicable)

22 – 31 December

  • Assist Site Manager and their Offsider with Various tasks as they present

1 January

Assisting with Volunteers Party at the Grande

2 – 4 January

  • Wrap up report
  • Manual completion

4 January

Internship finale including:

  • De-brief with Area Manager
  • Group presentation on what was the key learnings, highlights, challenges
  • Goodbye dinner and ceremony, presented with certificate of completion and letter of reference