The Woodford Folk Festival internship experience is deep, rich and colourful. It’s a chance to work alongside event professionals that have collectively worked for Woodfordia Inc for over a century.  

The internship will give you hands on experience in organising the largest gathering of artists and musicians in Australia. 

From previous interns, we also know that the knowledge gained from the internship at Woodfordia will not only set you up with skills to go further in the event industry, but also provide you with a meaningful and memorable experience.  

We welcome applicants that are passionate about working in events, the arts and culture sector. Interns may be recent graduates from an events-related tertiary or TAFE programme, overseas students seeking a work placement in the events industry, or existing events workers looking to broaden their skills or learn a new area of expertise.  

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders are strongly encouraged to apply. 

Internship Application – Apply Here