The relationship between our regional touring project, Festival of Small Halls and bunting is somewhat iconic. The community driven project has covered small halls across Australia in lengths of the colourful flags, and they’ve become synonomous
with celebration in our classic Australian meeting places.

In the spirit of continuing the connections Festival of Small Halls cherishes, old friends and new acquaintances alike meet regularly to craft, drink tea, chat and stich their unique threads into the tapestry of Festival of Small Halls, sewing mini bunting at our property, Woodfordia.

The principals of “craftivism” tell us that to come together, contribute our skills, learn new things and connect through shared goals is good for us, and builds resilient communities. Since all the bunting sewn helps the Festival of Small Halls raise funds, this ripple of good feeling spreads far beyond the happy craft room and into tiny communities all across Australia.

All funds raised helps keep Festival of Small Halls travelling to communities that come together to celebrate under – you guessed – more bunting. No two pieces are the same, as no two people are exactly the same. Each piece contains the love of a volunteer, the stories of a day spent with friends and the optimism of learning something new.

Basic skills can be workshopped with participants, Crafters are welcome to camp the night at beautiful Woodfordia. Craft days are held  on the last weekend of the month alongside Woodford Folk Club, Traditional Music School and other projects, so you’re welcome to stay the whole weekend.

If you’d like to help us sew bunting, but you’re not local, Woodfordia can package up some material and instructions for you to sew bunting from your home, so you can join in from anywhere! Donations of recycled fabric are also always welcome.

All ages welcome.

To express interest for the next Bunting Bee, email and we’ll sign you up to the mailing list. We usually have 2-4 a year.