Woodfordia owes its beautiful, cultural parkland to The Planting. Our organization, when it purchased this property in 1994, had a notion that rather than just sing about issues facing the environment, we get our hands dirty by planting trees.

Through The Planting, we created an event that contributes to worldwide consciousness emerging in communities everywhere—an endeavor to heal a planet damaged by the ravages of our industrial practices in the past and which sadly, still continue today. The programme, constructed to blend both the cultural expression and nurturing of our environment, both critical to the human experience and our planet’s health, is intended to encourage this symbiosis.

A multi-layered festival with a full programme of talks, forums, workshops, music, food, films, ceremony, and environmental projects, The Planting is a grassroots event focused on cultural and intellectual exchange.The weekend-long festival features plenty of opportunities to learn about soil health, native vegetation, ecosystems and biodiversity from some of the country’s most renowned thinkers in their field. It’s also truly hands-on, as festival-goers can book into a vast array of craft-making, cooking and gardening workshops. Comedy, culture, health and wellness, as well as Woodfordia’s signature opening and closing ceremonies, add even more diversity and wonder to the experience.

For families, there is an immersive Children’s Festival empowering and teaching kids the tools of the trade by giving them drills, screw guns and jigsaws to build a small village. Anyone between the ages of 10-17 can sign up to construct, vote and name the village they collectively create. A community green hosts trebuchets and battle games each day.

 Intended to inspire and inform, and in keeping with the growing global environmental and consciousness movement taking root, The Planting focuses on sustainability and responsibility. The festival provides, not only the knowledge to live more in keeping with the natural environment, but also the impetus through it’s message that we truly can change the world one person and one action at a time. Since Woodfordia secured it’s land in 1994, over 106,000 trees have been planted by pure-people power on what was once a barren dairy farm.

As the weather is cooler during May, there are bonfires scattered throughout the festival precinct to bring people together as well as keep everyone warm. Hot showers are also available at amenity blocks.

The event at its core is intended to ensure our site remains healthy, forested parkland for the enjoyment of present and future generations. And we know the trees planted over the years listen and observe our joyful celebration, enjoying our company as much as we enjoy theirs.

the planting festival

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We have informed Bushtimers that we are now aware of positive results from rapid antigen tests have appeared at Woodfordia. Those 5 people have left site.
While we are aware that these tests aren’t always accurate we should presume that there is virus at Bushtime. Our director Bill Hauritz will be addressing the audience at 2:45pm at the Show.
We have been in contact with the Queensland government seeking advice. After talking with our performers we’ve decided to proceed with Bushtime. The show will go on.

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Welcome Woodfordians, Bushtime starts today! 

Whether you want to create, explore trails, chill under the shade or dip in Lake Gkula’s cool waters, we welcome you to genuinely connect to the beautiful surroundings of Woodfordia.

It's not too late to join us, we have just a few tickets left - immerse in the wonderful musical programme, dance workshops and yoga, bush walks and talks to celebrate the new year. For those of you already joining us, don't forget to check out our programme of workshops, talks and free events via the link in our bio!

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The finishing touches are going up everywhere on site at Woodfordia. We are so thankful to our build crew who make everything look so special. We can't wait to show you all how lush and green everything is. Bushtime starts tomorrow, (there are still a few tickets if you want to join in) but no matter where and how you are celebrating we wish you all a wonderful holiday season. #bushtime #jinibaracountry #greatoutdoors #livemusic #woodfordia #thisisqueensland #holidaydreaming ...

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Wishing all Woodfordians - and all beings everywhere - happiness, health, peace and contentment. ...

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Need a break? Come to Bushtime. Where else can you camp lake side while enjoying world class music, workshops, talks and food? We are less than 90 mins from Brisbane and about an hour from the Sunshine coast. Come stay with us, and let us take care of your new years plans. Check out the link in our bio.
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Just 5 days to go before we are celebrating the end of the year with you all at Bushtime. We can't wait to gather on Jinibara country with you, our volunteers, stallies, artists and presenters for all of the magic of a Summer at Woodfordia. There are still a few tickets available, so grab your friends and family and join us via the link in the bio.

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It's only one week until we'll all be choosing our campsites, taking our first splashes into Lake Gkula and settling in for a week of music and joy at Bushtime on Jinibara Country. See you there. #bushtime #jinibaracountry #greatoutdoors #livemusic #woodfordia #thisisqueensland #holidaydreaming Image by Gavin Ryan ...

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We had someone wondering recently if Bushtime would have a good amount of wonderful music - we think so! Over the week you can enjoy: @restlessmusic1976 and Roger Illot, @crysscoleman , @thebarleyshakes , The Barleyshakes Duo, @the.stowaways.music , @whoisashajefferies , @thedawnlight_music , @electricfields_music , Greg Sheehan, @tibet_effect , @mattyglive , @sarahkoppenmusic , Good Tunes Band, Andrew Veivers, Eumundi School of Rock Teen Superbands feat. @katie_noonan_music , @tokotontaiko , @@lovegrovemusic , @dayofembers , @north.and.elsewhere , @dangeroussong , @thesteelesyndicate , Kim Kirkman, @jackiemarshallmakesmusic , Bunya Irish Ceili Band, @katemillerheidke , @buttercatsmusic , @zoequinnmusic , Kim Kirkman, @emily_maguire_music , @womenindocs , DJ Katch, @dub_zoo, Tyrone (Alone), @obscureorchestra , @busbymarou PLUS dance, yoga, visual arts workshops... and perhaps most importantly for Bushtime... camp hangs.

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After the rush of Christmas, you can plan your own #yoga retreat and attend hours of classes at Bushtime each day if you choose! No need to book, just BYO mat and drop in!
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