Woodfordia owes its beautiful, cultural parkland to The Planting. Our organization, when it purchased this property in 1994, had a notion that rather than just sing about issues facing the environment, we get our hands dirty by planting trees.

Through The Planting, we created an event that contributes to worldwide consciousness emerging in communities everywhere—an endeavor to heal a planet damaged by the ravages of our industrial practices in the past and which sadly, still continue today. The programme, constructed to blend both the cultural expression and nurturing of our environment, both critical to the human experience and our planet’s health, is intended to encourage this symbiosis.

A multi-layered festival with a full programme of talks, forums, workshops, music, food, films, ceremony, and environmental projects, The Planting is a grassroots event focused on cultural and intellectual exchange.The weekend-long festival features plenty of opportunities to learn about soil health, native vegetation, ecosystems and biodiversity from some of the country’s most renowned thinkers in their field. It’s also truly hands-on, as festival-goers can book into a vast array of craft-making, cooking and gardening workshops. Comedy, culture, health and wellness, as well as Woodfordia’s signature opening and closing ceremonies, add even more diversity and wonder to the experience.

For families, there is an immersive Children’s Festival empowering and teaching kids the tools of the trade by giving them drills, screw guns and jigsaws to build a small village. Anyone between the ages of 10-17 can sign up to construct, vote and name the village they collectively create. A community green hosts trebuchets and battle games each day.

 Intended to inspire and inform, and in keeping with the growing global environmental and consciousness movement taking root, The Planting focuses on sustainability and responsibility. The festival provides, not only the knowledge to live more in keeping with the natural environment, but also the impetus through it’s message that we truly can change the world one person and one action at a time. Since Woodfordia secured it’s land in 1994, over 106,000 trees have been planted by pure-people power on what was once a barren dairy farm.

As the weather is cooler during May, there are bonfires scattered throughout the festival precinct to bring people together as well as keep everyone warm. Hot showers are also available at amenity blocks.

The event at its core is intended to ensure our site remains healthy, forested parkland for the enjoyment of present and future generations. And we know the trees planted over the years listen and observe our joyful celebration, enjoying our company as much as we enjoy theirs.

the planting festival

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Are you ready to be inspired? The full programme of artists and presenters, activities and events for Bushtime: An Inspired Camping Holiday, is now available.

Please check the link in our bio for information on what to see, register, book, or warm up for! We can't wait to gather on Jinibara country with you, our volunteers, stallies, artists and presenters for all of the magic of a Summer at Woodfordia, when Bushtime kicks off on December 27th!

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Only one week to go until we let you know the totality of what we've planned for December's Bushtime on Jinibara Country! While the focus of Bushtime is very much on the camping experience, we know that in a week long holiday, you're going to want to see some great music, enjoy yourself at some great variety shows, maybe dabble in some art or music workshops, learn more about Woodfordia's environment - and there are wonderful artists and presenters gathering to make sure you can do just that! #oneweek #programme #launch #bushtime #woodfordia #thisisqueensland ...

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Did you start Sunday with a song? Would you like to? The wonderful Nicole Murray, of Cloudstreet fame, joins us to create a daily choir from a rag-tag bunch of plucky misfits (that's where you come in). Join Nicole and your fellow warblers at Bushtime on Jinibara Country! #bushtime #woodfordia #thisisqueensland ...

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Multi-award winning circus company @casuscircus are visiting with 'Casus Tapas' - tasty bite-sized pieces of incredible skill and power to enjoy and share! Inclusion and diversity are at the forefront of all Casus' work, giving light and energy to stories that are often absent from our stages, or heavily stereotyped. Casus is one of the most diverse companies in Australia, with more than 70 per cent of the company non-Caucasian, and strong representation from the LGBTIQX community. Casus also subverts gender normative stereotypes, with women demonstrating strength and basing complex balances, and men exploring delicate styles and moving with intimacy and finesse. The suggested audience age is 12+ and there might be some adult themes. Welcome back to Woodfordia, Casus! We can't wait to have you along at Bushtime on Jinibara country! #bushtime #woodfordia #thisisqueensland ...

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A point of difference in our Bushtime camps is that slowing down and means a chance to genuinely connect to the beautiful surroundings of Woodfordia - the environment, animals and sounds of silence that are so often eclipsed by our larger events. Our Bushtime workshop programme is designed with this in mind - and this December, artist @natalie_billing can show you how to create a beautiful scarf to remember your visit to Woodfordia using leaves gathered on site to print directly onto the fabric. It's totally eco – no inks or chemicals, only memories – you only need to bring your enthusiasm, everything needed is provided. The full programme and bookings will be online in the last week of November - we hope you'll find something to look forward to! #thisisqueensland #artsandcrafts #bushtime #woodfordia #makers ...

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@tibet_effect has been at COP26 this week working to raise awareness of the climate crisis and its effects on Tibet. Always generous, always smiling - Tenzin returns to us with Nomadic song and stories at this year's Bushtime, and of course, his tradition of singing up the sun, January 1st. Perhaps we can ask Tenzin to deliver a talk about who he met and what he saw at COP26? #thisisqueensland #woodfordia #bushtime ...

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Are you planning on bringing an instrument to Woodfordia for Bushtime? Whether it's playing around the camp, heading off to a workshop or two, or sitting in on the song and tune sessions, we're looking forward to Woodfordia the strums, songs and celebration of another year together in the slow surrounds of Bushtime. #bushtime #thisisqueensland #woodfordia ...

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@katemillerheidke has always been a wonderful friend to Woodfordia and we are so delighted that she's choosing to spend time with us again this year at Bushtime! As well as hanging out with her family, Kate will be onstage on December 30th, hopefully bringing some old favourites along with new songs from her October release 'Child in Reverse' - holy cow, 'Deluded' is such a dreamy, fantastic catchy song. It's way more fun with Kate Miller Heidke at Bushtime! (And speaking of songs - Keir Nuttall is teaching a songwriting workshop too!) #bushtime #thisisqueensland #woodfordia ...

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Last call for Stalls! How many villagers does it take to make a village? We lost count a long time ago but one thing's for sure...it just ain't a village without the village. Expressions of interest for Stall Holders close 7 November. Apply via the link in our bio today.

📸: Marek Knappe

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@womenindocs are joining us at Bushtime! We can hear your cheers reverberating through the valley already! women in docs are an independent, folk pop act – with a little bit of country –, based in Brisbane. They have been compared to the Indigo Girls, the Chicks and The Waifs. With a reputation for stirring and humorous live performances and a vigourous touring schedule, women in docs have built a fiercely loyal following (and this is an understatement) throughout Australia, as well as touring internationally to win over audiences throughout the world. Welcome back Roz and Chanel! We can't wait to have you at Bushtime, NYE, on Jinibara Country!

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