Escape the ordinary, immerse yourself in creativity, hand-make something unique and embrace a new skill at Woodfordia’s Artisan Camp.

Leading up to the annual Planting festival, Woodfordia’s Artisan Camp is an organic gathering of artists, artisans and other creative folk hosting immersive masterclasses. courses range from two – six days and are all presented at beautiful Woodfordia.

The classes, diverse, light-hearted, skill-building intensives, offer participants the opportunity to learn or hone silversmithing, woodcarving, songwriting, sustainable gardening, oil painting, natural skincare, cheese making, traditional Maori basket weaving and even improvised comedy among many others.

Each class culminates in the development of a creative product, artwork or performance on the last night of the camp. Participants and facilitators are invited to stay at Woodfordia for the duration of the masterclass series. Camping and catering packages are also available.

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Tickets are available now for Bushtime!

Join us beneath the trees while making unforgettable memories with loved ones lounging, swimming and enjoying a carefully curated programme of music concerts and artisan workshops for a high-spirited end to 2021.

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Share the news with friends and family. Are you coming?

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It’s almost time Woodfordians. Tickets to Bushtime are launching this week!

Look forward to days of kicking back with your best mates, lounging while swapping stories by the lake. Sound off in the comments if you are coming, we can’t wait to see you.

photo: Jen Quodling
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Join our community and get early access to all things Woodfordia, including early access to tickets for our upcoming events.
It’s $36 dollars per year to join and you get:
- Our quarterly journal Lore Society
- Invites to all our environmental projects
- Access to our citizen portal with video and audio from Woodford Folk Festival and The Planting – plus your donation will go directly to supporting Woodfordia.

Become a citizen today via the link in our bio.

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Bushtime tickets and January Lake Gkula Camping bookings launching next week!

Start the new year right by swapping the blue screen for stars and moonlight while you camp out beneath the trees with the ones you hold dear.

More info and sign up in our bio link.

We can’t wait to see you at Woodfordia.

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Discover the beauty of Woodfordia’s diverse ecosystem, come and stay on our 500 acres of land and reconnect with nature.

Take a dip in Lake Gkula’s cool waters after a walk through the woods, or spend the day forest bathing in serenity with the ones you hold dear. Abundant with more than 16 species of native fish and crustaceans and over 8,000 plants, including native water lilies, experience the beauty of Lake Gkula up close with Nature at your fingertips here in our campgrounds.

This spring holidays, escape to Woodfordia and experience Lake Gkula Camping.

Book your camping dates via the link in the bio.

photo: Martin Ollman

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Take up the opportunity to engage your family with the natural world over the Spring holidays. With hiking/nature trails, biking spaces and communal campfires, book for a camping escape to Woodfordia and make memories that last a lifetime.
We look forward to having you join us this holiday break!

Secure your Lake Gkula Camping bookings via the link in our bio.

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Bookings for Lake Gkula Camping are now open for the September/October Holidays (Saturday 18th September – Monday 4th October), with Lake Gkula looking truly glorious and its 2 year-old ecosystem now well established.

Whether it's your first to experience Woodfordia for the first time, or a fond return to your stomping grounds, take up the opportunity for a spring camping escape to Woodfordia over the coming holidays.
Book via the link in our bio.

Please share this post with friends and family. We look forward to having you join us this spring break!

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Share the news Woodfordians! We will be holding our next Bushtime event over the traditional Woodford Folk Festival period. (Dec 27 to Jan 1) Plus we will be opening up our Lake Gkula Campground for the September/ October school holidays.

For the second year in a row we also must announce that due to the impacts of the global pandemic, we have had to cancel Woodford Folk Festival this year. We think our new offerings with Bushtime and Lake Gkula Camping, while smaller in scale, will give you the chance to have your little taste of Woodfordia for the year.

This is the first time that Woodfordia, the 500-acre parkland that is home to Lake Gkula, the iconic naturally filtered swimming lagoon – will be open for public camping over the Spring school break.

Lake Gkula Camping bookings will open by the end of August for the September/October school holidays. Tickets for Bushtime in December will launch in mid-September, with pre-launch available to Woodfordia Citizens.

Woodfordia will be operating under Qld Government health directives regarding Covid-Safe Workplans, restrictions and vaccination status at the time of the event and campground delivery.

P.S. If you want to become a citizen you can learn more about it via the link in our bio. Its $36 dollars per year and all the funds go to support us and the land at Woodfordia.

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“We can never have enough of Nature.” – Henry David Thoreau ...

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Be part of our community's journey towards thriving, long term vision in this dynamic, ever-changing landscape through sustainable and proactive ways. Become a citizen today via the link in our bio.
Photo: Eliah Lillis
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We hope to create milestone moments with little ones through play and music once again very soon!
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“It is our collective and individual responsibility … to preserve and tend to the world in which we all live.” —Dalai Lama

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