The 500-acre block of land, lovingly known as Woodfordia, plays host to three main events throughout the year – Artisan Camp, The Planting Festival and Woodford Folk Festival. Whilst each differ in size and focus, they are united in their aim to invoke in the community a sense of wide-eyed-wonder, fostering curiosity, igniting imaginations, nurturing the environment and bringing people together. 

Lake Gkula Camping

Lake Gkula Camping black

Lake Gkula Campground is set amongst 500 acres of bushland at Woodfordia each school holidays, one hour North of Brisbane. As a registered land for wildlife site, visitors will get the chance to see many of the beautiful animals that call Lake Gkula Campground home including; echidna, kookaburra’s, wallabies, goanna and more.

Woodford Folk Festival

A six-day happening that closes out one year and welcomes the next, Woodford Folk Festival is home for lovers of music and dance, circus and cabaret, health and wellbeing, food and drink, arts and crafts and of course, life, in all its many glories. 

The Planting Festival

Born of the original volunteers that began replanting the land back in 1997, The Planting has grown into a 3-day festival that boasts a generous array of workshops, musical talents, performers, speakers and food stalls, all underpinned with the desire to cherish and nurture the land at Woodfordia. 

Artisan Camp

For four days of the year, an enthusiastic and generous bunch of master craftspeople descend on Woodfordia to share their skills, insights and experiences with an enthusiastic and curious bunch of Artisan campers. 

Festival of Small Halls

A way of exploring this vast country in the spirit of hospitality and great fun, Festival of Small Halls is a series of tours that takes the best folk and contemporary artists performing at two of the country’s largest festivals and sends them on the road to play tiny halls in communities all over Australia. 


Bushtime is a five-day inspired campground experience set amongst 500 acres of bushland at Woodfordia, one hour North of Brisbane. Its inspiration draws from the participation and environmental success of The Planting, the arts learning focus of the Woodfordia Artisan Camp series and the diverse and dynamic programming of Woodford Folk Festival.