Lake Gkula Camping


Lake G-k –oo-la…. “k” is a soft sound. 

Gkula means koala.

7:00am – 4:30pm

The Lake is situated down in the General Store precinct – check out our map.

All Lake Gkula Camping guests with a valid booking are invited to enjoy Lake Gkula.

There are some showers close to the Lake, but you might find it easier to shower at your campsite amenities block.  

Before entering Lake, please shower to remove any chemicals to preserve the habitat.  

Yes. There are toilets available in the Lake precinct.  

Please don’t pee in the Lake because our water’s very pure and it will upset the natural chemical balance affecting water quality and plant and creatures’ lives. 

All patrons need to wear appropriate swimming attire (no nude or topless bathing).  

Little people must be wearing aquatic nappies or swimwear. 

Anyone under the age of 15 must be accompanied by and supervised by an adult. 

One adult can be responsible for only 2 children aged under 15 at any time.

There are trained Safety Observers present at all sessions.

However, it is essential that all parents or guardians supervise children closely. 

No alcohol or glass is allowed within the Lake precinct, and please be mindful of our licensed areas.

Lake Gkula must be free from flotation devices, water inflatables and toys and all other plastics. This is to protect our aquatic creatures and the filtration of the water. 

No, for the safety of others and the aquatic plant life, we ask no boats or flotation devices in the Lake.

Only approved sunscreens and deodorants can be worn in the Lake. To protect our aquatic creatures (over 400 fish and 4000 plants), please be 100% free of cosmetics & sunscreens – this includes wound treatments unless all ingredients are certified organic/reef friends/100% zinc. 

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