Butterfly Walk and Butterfly Wetland Walk

Take yourself on a journey down Woodfordia’s butterfly walk and see if you can spot a Tailed Emperor, a Leafwing, a Four-barred Swordtail or maybe even the Richmond Birdwing butterfly. Woodfordia’s Butterflies and Other Invertebrates project is focused on enhancing onsite habitat for all invertebrates, as well as educating visitors about their important role in improving environmental health. In order to attract butterflies, specific food plants must be planted as hosts for caterpillars. By providing a habitat for butterflies, we provide a habitat for other wildlife. The Butterfly Walk and Butterfly Wetland have been created to attract and sustain our butterfly population.

Sacred Trees Walk

Over 100,000 endemic species have been planted by Woodfordians at Plantings over the years – nurtured and protected each month by the dedicated TreeHuggers. While those trees are all incredibly special, you may have noticed some additional trees carrying plaques with dedications to Woodfordians who have passed on. They’re dotted all around the property and if you’d like to take a stroll down ‘Memorial Lane’, you can follow the map and take your time.

Sacred Union Labyrinth

Robin Clayfield and her team have created beautiful Labyrinth rituals at Woodfordia’s festivals for many years, and underneath the colour and ceremonies of the formal festival rituals they’ve also been quietly investing their energy in the labyrinth itself. The grounded structure is there for you to walk at any time throughout Bushtime, creating your own memories and rituals in a place imbued with the love and energy of thousands of people throughout the years.

Hilltop Sunrises and Sunsets

The Hilltop is home to our tongue-in-cheek Hollywood style ‘Woodfordia’ sign and is a great place to retreat, relax and enjoy stunning views of the Glasshouse Mountains and watch the sun rise and set. It is also a wonderful spot to watch the moon rise over the Glasshouse Mountains. The grass can be a bit prickly up there, but if you BYO picnic blanket or lawn chairs, you’ll not find a better place to stretch out and dream. You’re welcome to bring your own drinks – just please be mindful of glass and make sure you clean up after yourself, and remember, you’re in the bush – there might be critters.


The Southern Cross, Alpha Centauri, and the Milky Way are just some of the sights in the Southern Hemisphere’s night sky. Take yourself up to the Hilltop, find another quiet spot on site or just duck out from your camp every now and then to see a heaven of diamonds. There are sure to be many opportunities to see the stars and some beautiful moonrises. (Try the Amphitheatre, Hilltop, The Pond and the Outer Barcoo for good light-free locations).


Not so much the kind we played as kids, where we spotlight each other – more the gentle kind where after sundown, you carefully wander Woodfordia with your torch looking for furry friends and other critters who only come out at night: possums, sugar-gliders, bats, and maybe an owl or two. Woodfordia’s nest boxes have become homes for several different species.

Prayer Wheels

You may have seen the Prayer Wheels on site, but do you know why they’re there, how they work, and what they mean? Find their locations and send your prayers into the world along with the thousands that have come before you.


National Park

The Bellthorpe National Park is a rugged park featuring open eucalypt forest and rainforests. For those interested in rugged bush exploration, get a map from the Bushtime Information Hub and head off for your adventure. Don’t forget walking shoes, sunscreen and water (and something to snack if you are taking the day to explore). All children should be accompanied by adults as this is rugged bush country with all types of creatures.

Bike Tracks

If you’ve ever thought that some of Woodfordia’s hills would be perfect for biking – well, you’re right. Throughout the extend season campgrounds and back hills (away from Bushtime campsite) the roads and pathways are great to explore – bring your own bikes. Please note that helmets must be worn, and that not all terrain is suitable for all riders.

Snorkel Tour

BYO snorkel and follow the signage to see how Lake Gkula is laid out underwater. Waterscapes Australia have provided information on the layout, fish and plant species and you can have fun spotting them throughout the week (good luck finding the shipwreck!).