You can apply to be a volunteer at the Woodfordia’s Bushtime by following the 3-step application process:

Step 1 Choose a Position in either the Camping or Campground Build Period.
Step 2 Complete personal details
Step 3 Read and agree to ‘What you need to know’

Please note that you can only apply for one position at a time and we will do our best to respond to your application within 2 weeks.

Contact our Volunteers Manager if you have not heard back from your application within two weeks on

If your application is not successful in the first instance, you will receive an email with an invitation to reapply or have your application referred to the Volunteers Manager, who will then work to finding a position for you.

If your application is not successful in the first instance, you will, depending on your preference in your application, either receive an email with an invitation to reapply or have your application referred to the Volunteers Manager who will then work to finding a position for you.

If you choose the option “I’m willing to do anything if I can’t have my first choice” it’s recommended that you include all your skills and 2 professional referees – this will make you eligible for a larger number of positions.

If you are applying to any role that involves children, money or alcohol then referees are necessary. For all other positions, it is optional but also preferred.

If you didn’t receive the email invitation to apply, please contact the Volunteers Manager on or call the office 07 5496 1066 to have your volunteer codes resent to you.

The Build period (which includes some pack down if you are able) will commence 12th September, though some positions during the Build may start later. Check the position descriptions for more information about when the position starts and finishes.

Build period roles are project-oriented and therefore not a set number of hours. The majority of roles will require 4 to 6 full days of volunteering.

Roles during the Camping periods will ask volunteers to complete ~24hrs over the course of the 6 days of the camp (usually 4 hours per day).

Volunteers can arrive the day before their first shift.

Yes, you will receive a ticket to camp at Bushtime exchange for your generous contribution to its creation and operations.

Yes, we have a small number of Youth Volunteer positions available for people between the ages of 13 and 17. In keeping with our Youth Ticket Policy, we need to ensure that any youth coming to the camp has a parent/guardian there as well (for the full duration of the camp), who is willing to take full responsibility for the youth. Youth volunteers need to register and camp together with their parent/guardian but it’s not necessary that they work in the same crew. If a youth wishes to volunteer during the Build period, they will need to have a parent/guardian who is also volunteering during the Build period.

If you do have a parent or guardian coming along to the camp as an Adult Season Camping ticket holder or a volunteer, please go ahead and apply online for a position. Contact the Volunteers Manager on to get a copy of the Youth Volunteer Policy and Letter of Permission form or read and download from here.

We do not allow youth volunteers to work in our bars, so please look at all the other positions available instead.

Yes. Woodfordia Inc is a registered organisation with Centrelink so your volunteer hours will count towards your MOR with Centrelink. You will need to complete a form and have it signed by the Volunteers Manager, our registered representative.

Volunteer rosters are made by their department head, a complex process that takes into account people’s availability, previous experience and other responsibilities the volunteer may have. Speak to your department head if you are unhappy with the shifts you’ve been given. Generally, department heads are willing to be flexible with the roster in order to make everyone as happy as possible with their shift times.

Department heads make their crew rosters so we recommend you include in your application who you would like to be rostered with. While we try our best to make a roster that pleases everyone, we also hope for some flexibility and understanding that it’s not always possible to offer all shifts together.

If you are unable to make it to your shift due to illness, injury or for other reasons, it’s important you notify your department head immediately, so they have time to find a replacement for you. Failure to do so puts pressure on the rest of your team and could result in you not being invited back to volunteer for future events at Woodfordia. If you are unable to reach your department head, contact the Volunteers Manager by going to the Bushtime Hub inside the General Store unless you are feeling sick or experiencing any COVID-related symptoms, in which case you should go directly to the Medical tent.

We ask that you stay onsite the full time you are volunteering as we are aiming to minimise in/out traffic as much as possible during the camps. Speak to your department head if you have outside obligations that require you to leave site (I.e., feeding animals, work, etc).

No, you are expected to bring your own camping equipment.

No. We advise you to bring your own cooking equipment. There will also be one or two food stalls and basic food for purchase at the General Store.

There will be one location where a communal fire is allowed. Please do not light campfires anywhere else.

Yes, volunteers can swim in the lake. Please take the guidance from the Lake Observers and follow the rules which include:

We don’t swim alone, always a minimum of two adults.

Anyone under 18 must be accompanied by an adult.

To protect our aquatic creatures please be 100 % free of cosmetics and sunscreens (including deodorants and wound treatments unless all ingredients are certified organic/reef friendly/100% zinc) and please don’t take a leak in Lake Gkula.

Please, no nude (including topless) bathing.

Changing depths, hidden hazards. Go slow and explore.

No plastic floatation devices or water inflatables.

No alcohol or glass in the Lake (can have it on the grassy areas beside the lake).

Please no breath-holding games – we are not fish.

Please do not swim if you have a communicable disease or diarrhea. The water in the lake is not disinfected.

Please keep an eye on your little people and keep the very little ones within arm’s reach.

For emergencies call 000.

Yes, volunteers will be asked to camp/set up their campervan/caravan in one specific camping area (called OP/Northern Campgrounds) that will have functioning amenities, including hot showers.

Yes, all electrical equipment (including leads) needs to have current test tags. If you have items you wish to plug in (aside from mobile phone chargers), but they lack a current test tag, we can refer you to the site electrician who may be able to assist, at your expense. We recommend you bring tested equipment if possible.

No, we will supply the necessary PPE for the duties you will be asked to undertake. If you have your own work gloves that you feel best in, please bring them but we do have work gloves as well.

We will be following the guidance of QLD Health on this matter so cannot give an answer at this time. If they are asking people to wear masks, we will also ask that of you.

Accidental damage to property or injury while a volunteer undertakes work duties will be covered by Woodfordia Inc. You will be required to complete an incident report form if something happens so that we may learn from it and work to preventing mishaps in the future. They may be required for insurance purposes as well so it’s very important that an incident report form is filled out. These can be sourced from the Bushtime HQ situated next to the General Store or from your department head.

Volunteers must provide own work wear. This will include enclosed footwear, hat and sun-smart clothing. Lake Gkula volunteers may wear water shoes while on shift. Feel free to dress up in fun and wacky outfits if you feel so inclined.

Yes, the laundry will be available for volunteers to use and, unlike at festival time, will not have a fee for use. The fee we usually charge is to cover the cost of maintaining the facility.

Yes, your family can join you at your camp though they must have purchased their own ticket to attend Bushtime.

No, we request that there are no visitors to site. Only volunteers, stallholders, artists & presenters as well as paying patrons will be allowed on site and must wear camp identification in the form of a wristband to show they are eligible to be on site.

Woodfordia is a “Land For Wildlife” site and therefore no pets are allowed on site.