General Store/Café

If you’ve forgotten the toothpaste, or the chocolate, or the fresh fruit, or your morning mocha latte, the General Store has you covered. Beautifully stocked with quality local produce, the General Store will have what you need. The General Store is also the meeting place for a couple of outdoor workshops and trips – check the chalkboards for locations and more info. 

Kingfisher Bar

Grab a cold one and relax in our most central bar – right near the food spots and overlooking Lake Gkula. Each afternoon from afternoon through to cocktail hour at the nearby The Patio stage, we’ll have music to entertain you and ease you into your evening. 

Coopers Bar

Overlooking the Pond, the famous Coopers Bar will be open every night from 5pm. Grab a quality beer, catch a show, bring your pizza, whatever! You can also find Bingo, Sessions and Comedy, depending on the night. Thanks to our great mates at Coopers for their ongoing support of Woodfordia and for keeping our whistles wet at Bushtime. 

Spaghetti Junction

Serving traditional pizza and freshly made pasta with mouth-watering sauces, Spaghetti Junction are the masters of creating food for the soul. Try their own blend of fair trade organic coffee and teas or refreshing granita. GF V 

Claude’s Food

Fresh, healthy flavours from around the world. Brekkie bowls, laksa, haloumi rolls, dahl, OH-MY-GODDESS, get ready to nourish your tastebuds with Claude’s delicious offerings. All meats used are free range and oils are cold pressed. GF V 

Loose Leaf Tea House 

Lachie Brown and crew make beautiful tea, served in delicate cups and saucers in a space reminiscent of a CWA event at the local Hall, 8:00AM – 10:00PM. Not just a tea connoisseur, Lachie is a bit of a renaissance man – he’ll be setting up a table for you to learn knot-tying on a drop-in basis.

Chill Hill

Want some lone bookworm time? Grab your book and head to Chill Hill, home of our Hammock Hut and The Library of the Leaves, for a great place to read. 

Citizen Science Hub

If you want to know more about the environmental activities onsite, or how you can get more involved as a Woodfordian Citizen, visit the Citizen Science Hub. This is also the home of our daily citizen science sessions,

The Pond

Our beautiful central water feature, Clyde’s Pond, is home to nightly concerts – just after dinner, leaving you the night free to enjoy at your campsite, or the Coopers Bar. 

Bring a picnic rug or lawn-chair and settle in for an intimate concert from our wonderful artists (how long since you’ve been to a live show?). 

Lake Gkula

 is home to a beautiful conservation and recreation lake, which was officially opened on Saturday 7th Dec 2019. Lake Gkula is chemical free and uses all-natural water filtration systems that deliver a safe habitat for wildlife and people alike. Lake Gkula honours the region’s traditional owners, the Jinibara people, and is named it after one of their principal spokespersons. Uncle Noel Blair is a much-loved and influential figure in the Woodfordian community and his indigenous name is Gkula, which translated, means ‘Koala’. The lake is abundant with fish and plant life with more than 16 species of native fish and crustaceans and over 8,000 plants, including native water lilies. The up-flow wetland filtration system creates habitat for beneficial bacteria and microorganisms, which create healthy stable conditions and keep pathogens at bay. Powerful pumps and nanobubble technology, maintain a constant water flow and high levels of oxygen, directing it through the wetlands, which purify the water like kidneys. To maintain the ecology of the lake, all bathers will need to remove any chemicals (i.e. sunscreen, cosmetics, wound treatments) unless they are approved low oil, zinc-based products. 

Workshop Spaces

All workshop spaces (A Village Called, Amphi, The Mill, The Den, Out and About, The Chelsea, Paintbox, The Deck, Weaving Space and Yoga Space) are accessible ONLY to registered participants for the duration of their sessions. All workshop places are sold prior to commencement of Bushtime. 

Bushtime Information Hub, First Aid and Security

Next to the General Store is our Bushtime information hub, first aid and 24-hour security check point. The safety and security hotline number on your wristband will be staffed 24/7.