Bushtime 2020

General Store

At the General Store and café you’ll find fresh produce, pantry essentials, snacks & more treats than you can poke a stick at. Open every morning from 6:30 am and trading into the evening, we’ve got your nutrition and every guilty pleasure covered.

The Woodfordia Café

Served from the canteen window of the General Store is your morning barista made coffee, cold smoothies and juices, and nutritious Buddha-Bowl lunches, plus a chai and dessert bar every evening from 5pm.


Claude’s Food

Fresh, healthy flavours from around the world. Brekkie bowls, laksa, haloumi rolls, dahl, OH-MY-GODDESS, get ready to nourish your tastebuds with Claude’s delicious offerings. All meats used are free range and oils are cold pressed. GF V 


Spaghetti  Junction

Serving traditional pizza and fresh house-made pasta, with mouth-watering sauces, including organic beef, goat and tempeh – all locally sourced. Also on the menu is a selection of luscious Italian-inspired salads. Spaghetti Junction are masters of creating food for the soul. Try their own blend of organic fair-trade cold brew and iced coffee, house-made cold drinks and cakes. GF V Vegan.

Coopers Bar

Overlooking the Pond, the famous Coopers Bar will be open every night from 5pm. Grab a quality beer, catch a show, bring your pizza, whatever! You can also find Bingo, Sessions and Comedy, depending on the night. Thanks to our great mates at Coopers for their ongoing support of Woodfordia and for keeping our whistles wet at Bushtime. 

Kingfisher Bar

Grab a cold one and relax in our most central bar – right near the food spots and overlooking Lake Gkula. Each afternoon from afternoon through to cocktail hour at the nearby The Patio stage, we’ll have music to entertain you and ease you into your evening. 

Loose Leaf Tea House

Loose Leaf Tea House 

Lachie Brown and crew make beautiful tea, served in delicate cups and saucers in a space reminiscent of a CWA event at the local Hall, 8:00AM – 10:00PM. Not just a tea connoisseur, Lachie is a bit of a renaissance man – he’ll be setting up a table for you to learn knot-tying on a drop-in basis.