Food Scrap Composting

We always try to tread gently at Woodfordia, understanding that our land supports us, providing us with beauty, shade, oxygen and well-being. To do our bit we aim to reduce our waste, recycle and compost what we can. Your Bushtime food waste will become a nourishment for composting microbes and worms, turning it into nutritious compost for our plants.

We appreciate your offering of all your food scraps you don’t consume, by placing them in a compostable bag you will receive as you go through the gates. This bag is super durable so please reuse it daily to deliver your scraps to the labelled food scraps bins situated at the amenities blocks and by food outlets.

Biodegradable Dishes

To avoid contributing plastic waste to landfill during Bushtime, our food outlets will be serving your food in plant-based biodegradable dishes.

So once you finish eating, just pop your cups, bowls, plates and cutlery into the labelled food scraps bins located at amenities blocks and by food outlets.


One of the best ways to conserve our beautiful planet and its inhabitants, is to reduce the use of plastics, and by replacement with plant-based biodegradable packaging. The next best thing for plastic packaging is to recycle it. We appreciate your plastic deposits into our labelled recycling bins.