Do you like taking photos of nature? Are you interested in learning about the various species that inhabit Woodfordia?  

If so, you are the perfect citizen scientist candidate and this is your chance to contribute to biodiversity researchWoodfordia’s BioDiscovery Project aims to document all of its wildlife so we can marvel at, documentconserve and share its biodiversity. 

It is as simple as uploading photos of wildlife be it plants, animals, insects, spiders, birds, fungi or lichens to Woodfordia’s BioDiscovery Project on iNaturalist. 

The cool thing is that you will learn a lot through this community-based app, as other iNaturalists will rapidly suggest names for the various observations that you share. Your observations will also get mapped out and some will be used in research. You never know, you just might stumble across some rare, endangered or even a new species! 

Simply download iNaturalist onto your phone from your App Store, create an account and start submitting your observations. 

Below are a few simple steps to get you started. 

Please remember to always respect the creatures you meet and never handle them, for your own and their safety. 

We look forward to the natural treasures you discover during your adventure! 

 iNaturalist App for Android

 iNaturalist App for iOS